Facebook Page Publish - Detailed Setup Instructions

Facebook Page Publish publishes your posts to a Facebook profile or page. To do so, it has to connect to Facebook. This is done via a Facebook application.

Follow this Video How-To or read the instructions below:

1. Facebook Connection

  1. You have to create a Facebook application. This may require an authentification of your Facebook account.
  2. Choose an arbitrary application name and set the Site URL to your match your blog URL, as shown in the picture below.
  3. Copy the application ID and the application secret to the approptiate option fields of the plugin and save the settings.

2. Publishing

  1. You have to decide on wich wall your posts shall be published. Click on one of the displayed user profile or page names or enter your profile or page ID manually. Refer to How To Find Your Facebook ID for help.
  2. Save the settings.
  3. Grant your blog the necessary permissions to write to your wall. To do so, click the grant permissions button on the plugin's settings page.


Further questions? Refer to the FAQ / forum!