I design websites.
I work freelance.
I live on long island, NY.

This is the professional portfolio site of web designer & developer Thomas J. Dintrone.

My experience in web design / development includes:

  • HTML The basics of web design


    This is the coding language that websites are created in. Unique elements like "div" tags, paragraphs, anchors, images, links, etc are the foundation of a website. Your internet browser then reads this code and pieces it together into what you see before you.

    Think of it like as if you were building a building. An Architect designs the layout of where everything should go and then passes it on to the Contractor (ME) to build the darn thing. This knowledge is what separates a "web designer" from a "web developer"; knowing how to take that wonderful design and convert into the code that is readable and functional on internet browsers. Fortunately for me, I can do BOTH so it keeps artistic differences to a minimum.

    If you want to take a peak and what HTML code looks like, right click on this page and, depending on your browser, click on the option that says something like "View Page Source" or "View Source." THAT's HTML.

    Click here to read about HTML

  • HTML5 The new kid

    HTML5 brings a whole slew of new options and capabilities to the table as a business. It's optimized for mobile phones and tablets, gives you geo-positioning capabilities (those lovely "find a location near you" pop ups you see so often now), offline storage capabilities, and a whole lot more. It's HTML on steroids basically...

    Scared? Don't be. Depending on the amount of coding within a site it's somewhat easy to update your website to an HTML5 platform. Especially when a handsome devil like myself is doing it :)

    Feel free to contact me for more info on this

    Click here to read about HTML5

  • CSS The stylist of the web...

    Ok so the building has the HTML foundation laid down, now time to paint it... CSS or "Cascading Stylesheets" give us the ability to take the code and give it a style attribute such as a color, a size, a shadow, position, etc.

    A long long time ago ... well not so long ago really cause I still see BAD CODERS doing this when I get called in to clean up someone eles's mess, a web developer would do his/her HTML structure and styling all in one page. This became a nightmare if you had a website that was 20+ pages because this code would be copied and pasted on every...single...page.

    So you call me up one day and say, "Hey Tom, we want to change the background color of our website to be red for Valentine's Day"; in the old days I would say "ahh sh*t!" and spend the next hour or so cutting and pasting the new color on every page, but now with CSS files I set the background color to be red and instead put that reference FILE on every page of the website. SO now all I have to do is update that file and it will automatically change the color of EVERY page of the website. A wonderful time-saver.

    Click Here to see a CSS file in action... You steal my code, I KILL YOU!

    Click here to read about CSS

  • CSS3 That other new kid...

    With a new language (HTML5) comes a new style. CSS3 is an updated form of CSS with alot more interesting add-ons which is meant to replace some of the simpler effects normally done with javascript. You can add text-shadows, drop shadows, tilting animations, rounded corners, etc.

    This is yet another beautiful thing because way back when if I wanted say an image to have a drop shadow on it, I'd have to go into Photoshop and give the image a drop shadow, then convert it to HTML, edit the HTML to include the new image, and upload to the server. If I didn't like that way it looked, or if I wanted a bigger drop shadow, I'd have to do the process all over again. A sucky way of doing things...

    With CSS3 all I have to do is give the attribute the proper settings: img { box-shadow:1px 1px 8px #000; } and simply adjust accordingly... MUCH EASIER.

    Click here to read about CSS3


    More Details Coming Soon. For now click here to read about PHP


    More Details Coming Soon. For now click here to read about MySQL

  • JQuery

    More Details Coming Soon. For now click here to read about jQuery & Javascript

  • SEO

    More Details Coming Soon. For now click here to read about SEO

  • SMM

    More Details Coming Soon. For now click here to read about SMM

  • eCommerce

    Information Coming Soon

  • PSD to HTML

    Information Coming Soon

  • Hosting

    Information Coming Soon

  • CMS

    Information Coming Soon

  • Photoshop

    Information Coming Soon

  • Dreamweaver

    Information Coming Soon

  • Illustrator

    Information Coming Soon

  • Cross Browser

    Information Coming Soon

  • Mobile Site Design

    Information Coming Soon

  • Analytics

    Information Coming Soon

  • Email Marketing

    Information Coming Soon

  • Responsive Web Design

    Information Coming Soon

  • Wordpress

    Information Coming Soon

  • Google Pages

    Information Coming Soon

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