3 Good Twitter Tips for Beginners, Web Designers & Social Media Marketers


3 Good-to-Know Twitter Tips for Beginners

This is a great article I came across on the Socially Stacked website // Posted by Dana

Great helpful hints for those looking to learn Twitter here on Long Island. Wish I had this article when I started doing Social Media 🙂


The best way to learn about Twitter is to dive right in and start using it. These quick tips will help you make sense of the Twitterverse from the get go:

1. Create Lists

Lists are curated groups of Twitter followers. You can create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by other people on Twitter. Creating lists is a great way to categorize people and organizations based on their similarities. For example, you might have a list called “social media” or “medical news” or “technology media.” Every time you add a new follower, put him/her/it into a “list,” by clicking on the shadow icon and then from the drop down menu choosing “add or remove from lists.”  You can also create lists by going to your “Lists” page, found by going to the gear icon and then on the drop down menu choosing “Lists.” From there you’ll have the option to “Create list.”

Why use lists? The more people you follow the  more “cluttered” your Twitter stream becomes. But if you have lists, you can go to a specific list and see If you keep lists, every morning, when you log into Twitter you can go to a specific list and look for content to read and retweet from within a specific category. You can also check to see what some of the people you follow have created by going to their profile pages and clicking on “listed.”

Here’s a screen shot of one of ShortStack’s lists (feel free to subscribe to our lists if you like what you see — most of them are public):


2. Use Twitter’s Advanced Search

Using keywords about a subject you’re interested in, i.e. “green energy” or “gluten free eating” within Twitter’s advanced search  can connect you with people who are interested in the subject you’re writing about. You can filter by subject, keywords, specific people, and by location. If you’re a journalist who covers a beat, this can be a really easy way to find sources for your stories. If you want to learn more, check out writer Hartley Brody’s  “How to become a Twitter Search Ninja” where you’ll find lots of helpful tips.

In the example below, a search for social media pulls up a variety of news and Tweets related to the term:


3. Block followers who bother you or post offensive content

Unless you  have decided to protect your Tweets — meaning that you must approve anyone who wants to read your Tweets or follow you — anyone can follow you on Twitter. Unfortunately, some people will send you annoying messages or spam (or worse). To block an unwanted follower, click on the person’s name and then on the shadow icon. From there you are given the option to block. You can always unblock someone you’ve blocked later.

Do you have any Twitter tips or tricks you’d like to share? Or have any questions for us? Let us know. And if you like what you’ve read here, Subscribe to Socially Stacked!

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