Changing Directions

So I’ve decided to change directions with this blog as I’m now much busier than when I began and do not have much time to write full articles.

I’ll write a random article here or there but what I’ve decided is a much better method to help my web design & development madness.

I CONTINUALLY search the web for tips and articles myself whenever I run into a crunch and tend to always go back to the same damn stuff whenever I’m in a jam. So what I will do is simply have titles for what you will be looking for with a quick link along with an accompanying quick description blog post with the same link in there as well.

I.e. this will turn into a list of helpful web developer / website design links for the masses and also save me some sanity so I don’t have to keep typing in the same stuff into google to find what I need. Much more productive for you and I.

Stop in, find what you’re looking for, leave with a smile.

HTML5 Audio Player Plugin for Website – Old School Cassette – So Cool


Looking for a new updated way to play music on your website?

The developers at always manage to blow my mind with the web plugins they come up with. And alot of it for free!

One thing i’ve noticed as a trend in web design lately is a return of audio players thanks to jQuery and HTML5. This plugin is a very cool vintage way to play audio on your site.

And the best part? All those buttons actually work! Volume, Fast Forward, Rewind, and obviously Play and Stop. What I like the most is the “click” when you hit play and the spindles moving. Friggin’ brilliant what these guys accomplished!

“But what if my website has multiple pages? The audio will have to reload everytime!” True if you have the audio player embedded within your site but a simple workaround for this is to have a “Listen To Music” or “Audio On” call button that will open up the player in a separate window. BAZINGA!

The only issue you may have with this option is on the mobile/tablet version of your website. Since you don’t have the option of a mouse to move windows around the player will open in a new window but will usually not play the audio unless you’re actually on the page on your device. So in that instance I would recommend you deactivate the player on your mobile version of the website. Feel free to comment or email me if you need to know how to do this…

How you decide to implement it I’ll leave up to you but either way I love this player. I haven’t tested it in IE though so be sure to keep that in mind if you attempt to use this.

Click Here to View it in Action & Download 

*Aerial Fitness Hot Yoga Studio – Website Client Featured in Newsday

Happy to announce that a website I helped develop was featured in Newsday yesterday. Run by April Yakaboski, Aerial Fitness is a yoga studio based in Riverhead, Ny that does those crazy acrobatic style yoga techniques.

They also do TRX … I’m not a yoga person but I am very amazed by the pictures I saw of their work. HIGHLY recommend it if you’re looking for an interesting workout routine that’s better than “normal yoga.”

Click Here To Check Out Their Schedule

I also helped develop their sister site: Riverhead Pilates so check that out too! This one is RESPONSIVE!

*Both websites were designed by Vivian Piccone Jung who also was Dan’s Hampton’s Winner: Best Pilates Teacher on Long Island!

Here’s a snippet of the article written by John Hanc:

In the nearly four years since she opened her studio in Riverhead, April Yakaboski has discerned one of the uncomfortable truths of yoga.

The girls can do it; the guys, or at least many of them, can’t.

“Women would start to bring their husbands into our classes, and I could see them struggling,” says Yakaboski, who opened Aerial Fitness and Hot Yoga in June 2009. “I knew that there had…

Click Here for the Full Article | Go to Aerial Fitness Hot Yoga website | Go to Riverhead Pilates Website

*note Newsday subscription is required to read the full article

The Great Gatsby – 1949 Version Full Video

“Can’t repeat the past?…Why of course you can!”

The Great Gatsby has been made into film at 6 times since the book was written. I haven’t seen the new version with Leonardo DiCaprio but unfortunately have already been hearing negative reviews on it. DiCaprio I find to be a great actor and have a decently high opinion of him because of the roles he’s chosen to play (Personal favorites are The Basketball Diaries, This Boy’s Life, and The Beach [which for whatever reason most people say they didn’t like…go figure]). I’m still debating on whether or not to see it since 1. I loved the book and 2. It’s based in Long Island 3. It’s set in the 1920’s which is perhaps my favorite decade in all of history… If I do see it I’ll write a review BUT in the meantime I’ve done a search for the BEST version of The Great Gatsby and no it is not the Robert Redford 70’s version.

Believe it or not it’s said to be the movie from 1949 starring Alan Ladd and Betty Field. SO now you may be saying, “OK sounds good, I want to see it so where do I buy it?”… well the answer is currently nowhere. The good news is that someone has managed to find a copy and upload the entire movie onto youtube. There are a few versions uploaded (some cut into separate parts) but I managed to find one that has the entire movie in one video so I embedded it below for your viewing enjoyment.

The Purple Elephant in Northport – North Shore Lunch Time Review

Since moving to the North Shore of Long Island my wife & I have ventured into damn near every restaurant in Huntington Village, Northport Village, & Greenlawn. Some are good, some are baaaaaaad but The Purple Elephant in Northport is one of the good ones.

Their menu is somewhat immense with a lot of great options but my lunch food of choice is the “Northporter”… Chicken Cutlet, Bacon, Cheddar, and Avacado on a Ciabatta roll. Can’t beat that. They also have alot of fresh pressed juice. Just make sure you get there eewarly enough or call ahead of time to see if they have them because it goes FAST.

As far as the ambience, that’s my favorite part. You walk in and are usually welcomed with Reggae or surfer music, extra kudos to them for playing The Endless Summer on the big tv. If its a nice day you can sit outside and enjoy the view if Northport Harbor too.

Map / Directions:


Recommended Foods:

The Famous Northporter – crispy panko breaded all natural chicken cutlet, applewood smoked bacon, cheddar, avocado on your choice of bread

The Cocky Thai – grilled chicken breast (or vegan chicken), scallion, jalapeño, avocado, basil, julienned apple “snap” tomato, sprouts, Thai ginger mayo, choice of wrap

An instagram life on the north shore of long island

The North Shore of Long Island has ALOT of history attached to it so I figured what better way to view it than as if you were living in the past? …well to be fairly honest the true story is I just got a new phone and the camera is AMAZING so I’ve been snapping too many pictures and posting on instagram.

Check out my latest ventures in Northport Village, Huntington Village, and Centerport… I threw a few of Hurricane and Lulu, just because they love the cam. Below are my latest photos so it will continuously cycle. Locations I’ve posted include Munday’s in Huntington – GREAT for grabbing some breakfast food, Ruvo in Greenlawn – for my fellow gnocchi lovers, Gunther’s Tap Room where Jack Kerouac used to hang out alot in Northport, the Trolley tracks that run through Northport Village, Bru Na Bo – an interior decorators vintage dream in Northport, the Centerport Bridge on Centerport Harbor, a rastafarian charlie brown I came across at Kashi in Huntington Village, among others…

And meow…

IMG_0356This cute little ball of fur is our loving cat, Lulu. You’ll be seeing alot of her on this blog as she tends to get into everything no matter how much I tell her not to…

A little intro on myself, my name is Tom Dintrone and I am a Freelance Web Designer on Long Island. I’ve worked with many companies large and small on their web related products. I’m highly experienced when it comes to web design, development, database management, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and the like.

I’m 29 (almost 30) and grew up in Brightwaters and went to Bay Shore High School (graduated in 2001). I’ve been a drummer all my life (18+ years) and have played with too many bands to count. I switched to guitar in college and am well versed in that as well. As a surprise for xmas a few back my wife got me an American Fender Jaguar in Olympic White which completed my guitar collection….and yes it sounds f*cking amazing! I also currently play percussion for DJs at events like weddings, social/corporate events, anniversaries, etc. all over Long Island, Manhattan, and New Jersey (feel free to contact me if you’d like me to perform at yours). That’s about as much personal info that I’m willing to dole out.

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