WordPress messing up shortcodes adding p tags: FIX

After great frustration with this I finally found an IMMENSELY simple answer. If you have custom shortcodes using HTML tags the WordPress ediotr may mess them up adding the normal “p” tags within it. Just add this code to your functions.php file and add the “raw” short code on either side… problem SOLVED.

Grab the Function code here

WP_query exclude custom category posts of a custom taxonomy

So let’s say you created categories of a custom post type and then use a template to display those posts using the WP_query() function. THEN you want to filter those results further by excluding a particular custom category or categories you created. Look no further…

Straight from the WordPress Comments section: Click Here for the code

Pointing your home site’s url to a subdirectory using htaccess for wordpress

Exactly what it sounds like. Just saved me a butt load of time and a mess of annoying phone calls to the hosting server. Easy code editing then moving of the index.php & .htaccess files. Maybe this’ll do the same for any other developers out there in a bind.

Your welcome

Display Popular Posts by Views / Clicks in WordPress

Cool code I found that allows you to filter and display a WP site’s posts by views or “clicks”. If also works for custom post types as well perfectly. Simply add the filter “post_type => YOUR_CUSTOM_POSTTYPE”  when you call the loop on the front end in the WP_QUERY function.

Click Here for the code


Backup Your MySQL Database Using PHP

This powerful php function by David Walsh has helped me automatically back up a mysql database. Use as needed, throw in a function to auto call or have the client choose to do it if needed.

Love it! Here’s the link: http://davidwalsh.name/backup-mysql-database-php

**NOTE this is an old blog post so the php function uses ereg_replace which you’ll need to manually update to the proper preg_replace

Target CSS for Chrome, IE, Firefox, and/OR Safari with custom CSS media queries by BrowserHacks

As simple as it gets… Use the css media querie code they provide to target any (yes ANY particular) browser.

Truly convenient for any last minute changes if something looks perfect in Firefox but not in Chrome.

Get the code at:

Track File Downloads Through Google Analytics

PDFs, Email Clicks, and more can be tracked on a daily and real time basis by simply putting in a snippet of jquery in your header.

To view the tracked events for newest version of Google Analytics:

Real Time: Real Time > Events

Normal: Behavior > Events > Overview

NOTE: jQuery MUST BE INSTALLED for this to work.

Click Here for the code

W3TC Plugin – Automatically Clear Cache On Updating Post

Here’s a link to a code you put in your functions.php page that allows you to automatically clear your cache upon updating or saving a post. No more need to remember to empty it with this handy line 🙂

Click Here to get The Code