And meow…


IMG_0356This cute little ball of fur is our loving cat, Lulu. You’ll be seeing alot of her on this blog as she tends to get into everything no matter how much I tell her not to…

A little intro on myself, my name is Tom Dintrone and I am a Freelance Web Designer on Long Island. I’ve worked with many companies large and small on their web related products. I’m highly experienced when it comes to web design, development, database management, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and the like.

I’m 29 (almost 30) and grew up in Brightwaters and went to Bay Shore High School (graduated in 2001). I’ve been a drummer all my life (18+ years) and have played with too many bands to count. I switched to guitar in college and am well versed in that as well. As a surprise for xmas a few back my wife got me an American Fender Jaguar in Olympic White which completed my guitar collection….and yes it sounds f*cking amazing! I also currently play percussion for DJs at events like weddings, social/corporate events, anniversaries, etc. all over Long Island, Manhattan, and New Jersey (feel free to contact me if you’d like me to perform at yours). That’s about as much personal info that I’m willing to dole out.

Feel free to visit my website to view my work:

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